When last seen in August 2001 the Tricorn was towering majestically over the wreckage of Charlotte Street and surrounding area. Demolition is due to start in 2002 (as if) and a new shopping centre is to be built. The owners will submit a planning application in November 2001 to the city council.

Meanwhile the Tricorn seems to be using 'transference' to place itself - psychically speaking - within the nearby 'post-modern' Cascades centre. Gradually the Tricorn is realigning the ideology of the building sent to destroy it. This may in part be due to the 'placing' of a third shifting psychic vortex within the Tricorn - which was one aspect of the last working - but it does seem that the Tricorn is doing this under its own volition. As Yeats might have put it: 'It becomes even conscious of itself.'