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Proles for Modernism is an edgeless organisation working towards quantum proletarian revolution. We seek nonist solutions to the issues of proportion, epistemology and meaning. We combat Third Positionism with the notion that all ‘positions’ are absurd.

Proles for Modernism has three main aims:

1. to prevent the demolition of the Tricorn Shop Centre in Portsmouth ('UK')
2. to realise  placeless proletarian communism
3. to undermine the aesthetics of consumption by consuming aesthetics



The Tricorn is a late modernist concrete building in Portsmouth (UK). It is packed with utopian ideology and 'lost' meanings. More natural than 'nature', it usually comes into bloom in April. The Tricorn provides a fine display of blossom which can be seen from many points around the city.

The Tricorn was built over the site of a Neolithic 'ritual landscape', including a stone circle, which later became a site of Druidic ritual. The Tricorn guards this ancient heritage, protecting it from exploitation.

The Tricorn embodies and represses 'class consciousness' - this function is implicit in the design. It releases a boundless sexuality, an unbridled passion, in the heart of the city.

The Tricorn emphasises the social and cultural aspects of the city and it proves the aesthetics of consumption to be non-aesthetics. Erotic revolutionaries are drawn to it.

The Tricorn is a 'machine for revolution'. It negates bourgeois culture. It puts people off shopping.

The Tricorn is a temple to the 'triple goddess in her 'phallic' aspect. It is the tight kissing dress of Portsmouth's transvestites. It is a massive revolutionary hardon.

Being the 'three-cornered square' of Celtic mythology, it is the mound beneath which maidens dance. These 'maidens' are the energy that we can access - together, socially and psychically - to use in our struggle for placeless communism.

Taylor Woodrow, who built the Tricorn, are once more its owners. They wish to demolish it. Proles for Modernism have deployed psychic events to prevent this.

We use pre-cast, steel reinforced spells; not on the building, but with it. The spirits of all transsexual revolutionaries - alive and dead - pass through the fabric of the Tricorn daily.

The Tricorn has 'false' or 'official' histories - these are mixed up with actual events, memories and dreams. The result is neurosis. Click here to view it.

This website provides details of the history of our struggle, which is not just for one building but - through it - the whole of the sensual world. Join us now!