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Be wary of believing any information found on 'listing sites' as most of these are run by people who use them to attract visitors to their dubious web-based 'businesses' and they couldn't care less how out-of-date or made up the 'information' they provide is.

The links below: whilst I'm not recommending their use I do think they are probably less bad than the alternatives available. Both links open pages on the The Poetry Library web site. The Poetry Library is based at the South Bank Centre in London.

The Poetry Library archive

The Poetry Library list

The Tricorn

Tricornia - the archived Proles for Modernism site.
(Tricornia is a nonist web site.)

The Guardian - the online version of
Owen Hatherley's article 'Gateshead car park:
in praise of Brutalism' (27/07/10). - the last days of the Tricorn
are documented here.
(Vodex is not a nonist web site.)

Portsdown Hill

Portsdown Tunnels - the work of Bob Hunt.
It is a very good web site indeed. Of all the local studies
reference works I have consulted, including big old
dusty books, this one is the best.