Andrew Jordan lives in Southampton (Hampshire, UK). His poetry has been published in many magazines over the years, including Angel Exhaust, Freaklung, Oasis, Outposts, PN Review, Poesis, Shearsman, Stand, Tabla, the text, Tremblestone &c. Online, there are poems in Great Works, International Times and Fortnightly Review.

Nonism is not an ism. No claim can be made for nonism because it is what other things are not. In terms of geography, Nonism is not a place.

Featured poem

Published in Fortnightly Review, 29th June 2014

A new critical study of the poetry & propaganda of Andrew Jordan

“This, I realised, was my first introduction to the work of the poet Andrew Jordan . . . He has created some of the strangest, most personal and most moving work on what the built environment does to people written in Britain in the last couple of decades.”

" . . . a created and curated England, that of the National Trust and English Heritage, where power and its ruthless exercise are softened into sweetness and light; and the other false landscape is the imaginings Jordan tries to create to counter them. A working-class revolt to save the Tricorn Centre, an immigration detention centre creating its own Communist state, the people of Paulsgrove exchanging the News of the World for World Revolution. These are exactly the same landscapes, and neither is ‘true’ – but one involves the people who live in them taking control of them, and in so doing, taking control over their destiny."
Owen Hatherley
from False Landscape Syndrome:
The poetry and propaganda of Andrew Jordan

The Routledge Companion on Architecture, Literature and The City
(See Chapter 12)
Jonathan Charley, Editor
Routledge 2018

From the blurb: "This Companion breaks new ground in our knowledge and understanding of the diverse relationships between literature, architecture, and the city, which together form a field of interdisciplinary research that is one of the most innovative and exciting to have emerged in recent years."